The principle of iron removing

Calcite remove dissolved iron by accelerating of oxidation process of it into insoluble hydroxide (catalytic oxidation) followed by simple mechanical filtration. The speed of this process depends strongly on the acidity (pH) of the filtration medium where the reaction occurs. Increasing only one pH (pH from 7 to 8) increases the rate of reaction of formation of hydroxide in 1000 times. Iron hydroxide itself contributes to more efficient oxidation of dissolved iron ( " iron cleans iron"), absorbs sand, clay and organic substances.

The use of filters Geyser 3

Core property of "Calcite" material is to accelerate oxidation processes which allows him to be effective with the high manganese concentrations.

  1. CALCITE - purifies water from iron, manganese, slurries, silt and sand.
  2. ARAGON - Mechanical and chemical cleaning of contaminants, bacteria and viruses. It normalizes pH.
  3. ACTIVATED CARBON - conditioning water. Clears from chlorine and organics.