Advantages of the technology

Filter Geyser Max completely purify water from iron, chlorine, heavy metals, excess hardness salts (scale), organic compounds and other harmful impurities, will make water crystal clear. Due to the newest softening technology Geyser Max (patent 266428 dated 09/07/19), the filter life time is 6 times longer than other filters (that do not use membrane technology (reverse osmosis)). At the same time, water becomes tasty and healthy due to the retain of natural mineralization.

Advantages of Geyser Max technology
Unique combination of technologies

Unique combination of technologies

Aquasoft. The special mixture of ion-exchange resins with increased capacity for remove hardness salts (scale), iron and manganese.

Aragon Max. Due to ANTI-SCALE effect obtains long life time and high efficiency for removing hardness. Complex water purification from heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium, iron, manganese, etc.) and harmful impurities. Impregnated silver as a component inhibits reproduction of microorganism. Pore size - 0.4 micron.

Silver impregnated activated carbon. Post filtration from chlorine, pesticides, organochlorine compounds and organic compounds, odors and bad tastes.

More compact

Doesn’t require storage tank and additional mineralizer.

Geyser MAX retains optimal balance of  natural mineralization.


Geyser MAX retains optimal balance of natural mineralization.

Water mineralization standards WHO EU
Total mineralization, mg/l 100-1000 250–500
Hardness, mg-eq/l 1.5–2.5  
Calcium, mg/l 20–80  
Magnesium, mg / l 10–30  

More economical

  • Water consumption is 60% less;
  • No drainage like in RO systems;
  • Water is 10 times cheaper than bottled.
More economical
Easy to install and use

Easy to install and use

  • Fast and easy cartridge replacement;
  • Doesn’t require electricity and regeneration;
  • Working pressure from 0.5 atm;
  • All installation tools are provided together with filter.
Comparison of purified water mineral content

Comparison of purified water mineral content

RO system


Other hard water filters (ion-exchange resins)