Ecotar purifies water from wells, boreholes and pipelines. It removes hardness salts, iron, manganese, organic compounds, colour, turbidity, unpleasant odors and taste.

Main problems of water treatment can be solved by basic modifications:

  • Ecotar A/A Bio
  • Ecotar B/B30
  • Ecotar C/C30
Ecotar filter media


Only foodgrade resins are used


Service life up to 10 years


Filter media modifications for all types of water


High ion-exchange capacity of filter media reduces regeneration costs


High-efficiency Fine Mesh Black resin removes:

  • Iron (< 30 ppm)
  • Manganese (< 8 ppm)
  • Hardness (< 15 m-eq/L)
  • Organics (< 30 mgO2/L)


Any chemical form of IRON can be removed:

  • Dissolved
  • Insoluble (rust)
  • Colloidal
  • Organic
  • Removal of iron and manganese at highest concentration;
  • Saving salt during regeneration;
  • Stable quality of purified water within the media service life.

Removal of 6 pollutant types with one filter

To create an Ecotar load, 8 filter media are used, which allows one filter to effectively remove several groups of pollutants: dissolved iron, manganese, heavy metal ions, colloidal organic iron, hardness salts, natural organic compounds (humic and fulvic acids and their salts), suspended solids, bacteria.

Removal of 6 pollutant types with one filter
High-speed removal of impurities

High-speed removal of impurities

Ecotar media contains Fine mesh resin, that has active ion exchange surface. Iron ions, as well as calcium and magnesium, are removed mainly on the surface without diffusion of cations inside the grain (as it happens with usual resin).

Due to high bulk density, the same vessel can hold much more Ecotar media than usual ion exchange resin. Enhanced contact area allows to increase in 2-3 times efficiency of removal of hardness salts and dissolved iron.

Water purification from colloidal and organic iron

Colloidal organic iron gives water an unpleasant yellow-brown colour. The Ecotar media contains highly efficient anion exchange resin (organo-absorber) for the removal of colloidal organic iron.

Water purification from colloidal
and organic iron
Feeder for bactericidal resin cleaner

Water purification from dissolved and oxidized iron

In case of high concentrations of dissolved iron > 10 ppm, oxidized iron (rust) can be accumulated in filter media and block its filtering properties. For this reason the special feeder is used for dosing of antibacterial resin cleaner to the Ecotar media during regeneration process. The antibacterial resin cleaner not only washes out the rust, but also cleans the inner parts of the control mechanism and sterilizes the filter beds. The feeder is installed on the brine tank, it doesn’t require electric power or special adjustment.

Control valve protection

The Ecotar media contains inert layer. It prevents contamination of the control mechanism, increases reliability and extends the service life of the whole system.

Inert layer and mix of ion-exchange resins
Types of Ecotar
Ecotar А (Ecotar A Био) Ecotar В (Ecotar В 30) Ecotar С (Ecotar С 30)
Characteristic of the feed water: firstly yellow-brown color, then sedimentation. Characteristic of the feed water: firstly transparent, then turns color into yellow. Boiling causes scale formation. Characteristic of the feed water: color varies from yellow to brown, no sedimentation.
Filter media removes: iron (dissolved inorganic and organic) and manganese compounds, heavy metals and hardness salts. Filter bed removes: dissolved iron compounds, manganese compounds and hardness salts. Filter bed removes: organic substances including iron organic compounds and dissolved iron/manganese salts.
Recommended terms of Ecotar application
Limits of contamination Ecotar A / A Bio Ecotar В / В30 Ecotar С / С 30
Free chlorine, ppm < 0,1
Turbidity, ppm < 3
Iron, ppm < 8 < 15/30 < 2/4
Manganese, ppm < 3 < 8 < 2
Hardness, degree (m-eq/L) < 10 < 15 < 10
Oxidation, mg О2/L < 10 < 5 < 20/30
TDS (ppm) < 2000
Hydrogen sulfide none
Comparison of Ecotar media with other filter media
Ecotar Other filter media
Modifications of filter media 6 modifications for different kinds of water 2-4 modifications
Ion-exchange capacity < 1200 m-eq/L 600-800 m-eq/L
Dissolved iron removal < 30 ppm due to high-effective Fine Mesh Black resin < 15-20 ppm (usual cation-exchange resins)
Manganese removal < 8 ppm < 2-3 ppm
Organic compounds removal < 30mgO2/L due to high proportion of an organo-absorber < 20mgO2/L; the proportion of an organo-absorber is 3 times less
Permanganate oxidation efficiency removal < 90% < 50%
Bacteria protection Bacteriostatic properties of media None
Service life extension Integrated system with bactericidal cleaner for media treatment during regeneration None