Geyser filters for your home

We make your water better
Household filters

Geyser filters for your home

We make your water better.

As you know, water is the source of life. And this source must be clean and safe. The Ordinary tap water has long ceased to be clean and safe. Chlorine is added to the water at municipal water treatment stations, and the pipes that the water flows through on the way to our homes are in most cases old and rusty. The best way to feel secure about drinking water for your families is Geyser.

Household water filters are subdivided into several types:

  • Pitcher filters represent the most simple and least expensive water treatment option. These filters are small, easy to transport and have fairly large output capacity. You can use this filter to produce filtered water even on camping trips.
  • Stationary filters are installed to water pipes in the kitchen. They come in small sizes and can be easily installed under the kitchen sink. These filters are very productive and help clean the water thoroughly.
  • Reverse osmosis systems use special membranes that remove any harmful admixtures from the water. These systems are effective even with very dirty water.
  • Nano-membrane filters function as reverse osmosis filters but unlike the latter the membrane not only helps purify the water but also retain the natural salts that are beneficial to the body.
  • In-line filters are installed directly into the pipeline mains, which allows to use the clean water not only for drinking but for other household needs as well.
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