The Geyser Prestige Filter is a technologically and constructively advanced system. The company has been manufacturing reverse osmosis systems for more than 15 years, therefore, this is a time- and experience-tested technology. Only Geyser Company gives a three-year warranty for the filter.

Prestige M filters come with a two-key faucet.
You can always choose whether you want to drink filtered water with added micronutrients or use absolutely clean water for humidifiers or other household devices.

The membrane filtering method guarantees stably high filtering quality throughout the service life of the filter. Graph for very hard water.

Imagine the absolutely pure water, with no admixtures or hardness salts, with no chlorine or unpleasant odors, bacterias or viruses. This is possible! The reverse osmosis membrane captures absolutely everything. Except the water, of course.

The patented technology of adding micronutrients to the water allows to obtain the water which is not only delicious but also good for you. The mineralizer contains ecologically pure components.

Membrane pores are 0.0001 µm, which is 750,000 times thinner than a human hair. Only water molecules can pass through; all admixtures, heavy metals and hardness salts, bacteria and viruses will be drained.

With ordinary filters for hard water it is important to change your cartridges on time, or else incrustation will appear on the kettle and the dishes. The Geyser Prestige system combines the high quality of filtering and convenience: the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane is ten times higher than that of ordinary cartridges, and therefore, servicing the filter will require less time and fewer efforts.

The Geyser filter will remove all the typical contaminants – chlorine, iron, hardness salts (softening), heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.