Larger pitcher volume
Larger pitcher volume

With the 4-liter capacity, Hercules is the largest of all pitchers made by Geyser. This means that you will always have two liters (or 8 glasses) of clean water for your needs. This will be enough to quench the thirst of an entire family.

Easy to keep in mind, but easier not to

The resource indicator will help you forget about reminders and calendars. You will always know when to replace your cartridge.

It’s easy to remember, still easier — not to have to.
It’s a convenience you get used to quickly
You quickly get used to convenience

To pour water into the Hercules pitcher, you will not have to open the lid. Just bring the pitcher up to the stream of water. The special automatic valve will help fill the pitcher in just a few seconds without any extra movements.

Variety of colors

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