The filter containing the crystalline sodium polyphosphate of food grade is intended toprevent scale formation on heating elements of household appliances. The filter is installedupstream of water boilers, washing machines and dishwashers. Polyphosphate binds (settles)not only hardness salts (calcium and magnesium compounds) but also other soluble impurities,including iron.

The filter Geizer 1PF is a money-saving and reliable method to protect your home appliancesagainst scale!

Geizer 1PF is easy to connect and highly efficient.

Technical characteristics

Temperature of water to be filtered +4...40 °С
Capacity up to 6 l/min
Maximum operating pressure 6.0 atm
Weight of sodium polyphosphate bed 0.17 kg
Overall dimensions: height/diameter, mm 130/60
Weight, not more than 0.4 kg
Mounting dimension, inch 3/4″
Made in Russia
SKU 32063