In-line filters to protect against scale deposits is an optimal choice to solve problems that appear when hard water must be used. This separate kind of filters helps remove salts of calcium and magnesium from the water. These include special chemicals (polyphosphates) that can transform insoluble salts into soluble substances, making the water much softer.

The filter with polyphosphate for protection of boilers, washingmachines and dishwashers againstscale and iron

The polyphosphate water filter is simple and convenient to use: it is a small transparent container with the reagent inside. Prevention is always less expensive than repairs. Therefore, it is much better to buy a main filter for your water than keep repairing expensive household equipment. The filters for scale deposits are quite affordable, and if you buy them you will automatically extend the service life of your home appliances. These filters are used to protect your washers and dishwashers.

The filters are made of durable plastic and can be easily installed on cold water mains. The filter with the polyphosphate filler can decrease the amount of scale deposits, extends the service life of washers and dishwashers; lowers consumption of electrical energy; decreases the amount of detergent used; provides for delicate washing (your laundry becomes softer without any special detergents); bonds dissolved iron preventing the appearance of yellow spots on your laundry. The transparent casing of the filter can help control the functioning of the system. When more than half of the polyphosphate gets dissolved, the filler must be replaced.