In-line filters

Clean water for the entire apartment and the house
Sediment filtration

In-line filters with sediment cartridges (net, foamed or woven polypropylene, corrugated or coiled) serve as a simple and reliable method for protection of household and bathroom appliances from corrosion, rust and obstructions.

Removing excess iron

Yarn and filler cartridges can be used in In-line filters for removal of excess iron. These filters use innovative Catalon material and  calcite fillers (Fe, BA and BAF cartridges).

Softening of water (removing excess hardness)

Uses BS filler cartridges with food-grade ion-exchange resin



Water conditioning

Cartridges with activated carbon effectively remove chlorine, organic admixtures, turbidity, coloration, foreign odors and tastes.

Filtering Hot and Cold Water
Filtering Hot and Cold Water

The Geyser Typhoon filter with the Aragon 3 cartridge is intended for comprehensive filtering of hot and cold water. The filter rids the water from iron (deferrization) and heavy metals, petroleum products, chlorine, foreign odors, rust particles and other mechanical admixtures.

Protection of washers and boilers.
Protection of washers and boilers.

Special In-line filters with polyphosphate fillers are used.

Selecting the Filter

The capacity of the In-line filter is determined by its size and the size of cell in the filtering element. Filter housing for hot water are operated in harder conditions, therefore they are often made of stainless steel and special plastic.