Geyser countertop cartridge filters 1UH are intended for final purification of tap water from harmful impurities (chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.), suspended particles, excess hardness salts and for the correction of mineral composition.

Filtration with Aragon

The Geyser 1UH comes from the new generation of Aragon's nanotechnology filters, which is a Russian technology and international patent of Geyser.

Aragon removes from water residual chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, hardness salts, heavy metals, and even viruses including hepatitis A virus, and also other harmful substances.

Aragon cartridge is able to remove up to 14-15g of hardness salts, after this period the regeneration is required.

Suspended solids (rust, sand, algae, other particles more than 1 micron) up to 99%
Heavy and radioactive metals (lead, cadmium, copper, strontium-90, caesium-137) up to 96%
Active chlorine up to 99%
Organic compounds (pesticides, carcinogens) up to 85%
Oil products up to 88%
Salts of hardness up to 80%
Microorganisms and E. coli up to 99%

* Depends of initial water quality