Turn water off near a filter and open a pure water tap to release the pressure inside the system. Remove the housing with the help of the wrench from the filter complement. Get a BS cartridge out of the housing. Turn a cartridge cap off and pour its media into a glass or plastic container with minimum volume of 2 liters.

Make 1 liter of uniodized kitchen salt saturated solution (300 gr of salt per liter of water) and pour it over the cartridge media.

Warning! It is normal for the liquid to have bubbles when the salt solution is poured through; air is coming from the layer of resin.

Mix the media with the solution and remain it for 1–2 hours with stirring it occasionally. Pour the salt solution out accurately. Pour cold water over the resin, stir it and pour water out. Repeat this operation twice more. Pour the resin into the cartridge housing and screw it with the cap. Insert the cartridge into the filter housing. If necessary, replace the sealing ring. Sealing ring is recommended to be greased with food silicon or Vaseline (do not use
sealant!) prior to reassembly.

Place the filter housing back and screw it with the wrench. Open water at the inlet and check the leak-tightness of the system. Wash the filter for 2-5 minutes and then it is ready for use.

Warning! During the regeneration avoid eyes contact with the solution because it may cause painful sensations.

In case of eyes contact, wash them carefully with water!