Mechanical cleaning and replacement of a insert

(if it is in standard equipment or it was mounted additionally)

Using the wrench, unscrew the housing with Aragon cartridge (from standard equipment) and get the cartridge out. Pour water from it, clean its external surface with a soft brush (e.g. clothes one) under water stream.

Using the wrench for the bottom valve, unscrew the bottom valve out the cartridge (Fig.1) and extract the used insert (Fig.2).

Take a cap off from a new insert and place it with its open side up. Screw the bottom valve. Assemble the filter in reversed order and wash it for 1-2 minutes.

When the Aragon cartridge is replaced the insert “B” should be extracted from the used cartridge, it should be inserted into the new cartridge (Fig.3)

Aragon regeneration

Hardness salts removal from Aragon 2 cartridge (after its mechanical cleaning)

Pour 40 gr of citric acid, 30 gr (2 tea spoons) of baking soda and 1 l of water into a 1.5–2 l holding capacity. Water should be poured slowly to prevent foaming (carbon dioxide emission).

Install a cartridge into a housing and fill the housing with the salt solution till its top (ca. 0.6 l). Let it stay for 8–10 hours. Afterwards, extract the cartridge from the housing cautiously and let the salt solution pour out. Place it into the wash-bowl and pour 3.0 l of solution through its threaded throat, then let it drain completely.

Hardness salts removal from Aragon 2

Wash the solution residue out of the cartridge in two steps. Firstly, pour 3 l water to the top of the cartridge through its threaded throat portionwise. Then wrap its throat with overwrap and fix it with an elastic or a string. Turn the cartridge upside down and unscrew a bottom valve with the corresponding wrench. Put it into a kitchen sink in the same bind vertically and pour 3 more liter water through it, as aforesaid. Take the overwrap off and return the bottom valve to its place. Assemble the filter in reversed order, open a pure water tap and wash the filter with the 1-1.5 l/min.rate for 3 minutes.

Iron and heavy metals removal from Aragon S and Aragon cartridges

(after their mechanical cleaning)

Make 3 liters of 3% citric acid (30 gr or 2 tea spoons in 1 liter if water) solution in enameled or glass ware.

Put the Aragon cartridge into a kitchen sink or a holding capacity and pour this solution through the cartridge throat portionwise until the outlet solution becomes transparent. Upon that, fill the cartridge with pure water and then let it drain.

Make 0.6 liters of 2% soda solution (1 tea spoon in 0.6 liter of water). Install the cartridge into the housing and fill the housing with the solution till the top. In an hour, pour the solution out and assemble the filter in reversed order, open a pure water tap and wash the filter for 5 minutes. The filter is ready to work.