Vitamins and mineral elements play a key role in maintaining vital functions of the human body. Deficiency of these nutrients in our diet may result in health problems and chronic illnesses.

Geyser was the first to develop and patent an innovative compact mineralizer i.e. feeder of mineral elements. This feeder automatically releases minerals into water in necessary concentrations to compensate their deficiency in tap water.

The idea of the above mentioned invention can be described on the simple example. It is well known fact that the cup of tea cannot become tasty until we stir up the sugar. Without it, it will lie on the bottom and only a small water layer right above it will be very sweet – the part of sugar is dissolved in it – because the system is balanced. If we start to stir up the water, we disturb the system gradually dissolving the remained sugar.

The same happens at installing mineralizer into the filter. Water on entering inside the device dissolves dosed material until the equilibrium between the content of corresponding microelements inside the feeder and boundary layer is attained.


The equilibrium is broken at the beginning of filtration and the water flow washes out minerals from the feeder into the treated water.

The end of filtration returns system back to the initial equilibrium state. The more we turn the faucet on, the stronger the material dissolution is.

In such a way we can dose any beneficent microelements into water.

At the present day Geyser produces the following feeders:

  1. CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM are essential for our heart, nervous system and generally for the health.
  2. IODINE deficiency leads to immunity decrease. The recommended daily intake is 0.1-0.15 mg/l. Today about 100 million people in Russia live on territories with deficit of natural iodine.
  3. FLUORIDES serves as biocatalysts of metabolic processes facilitating capturing and accumulation of calcium in the organism and preventing tooth decay. The recommended daily intake is 1.5 mg/l.